The Coalition

The Coalition builds strategic partnerships with government line-ministries, civil society organizations, donors, women's rights groups, autonomous social movements, and media institutions to:


Align our technical resources to invest the capacity of education stakeholders


Leverage our access local, national and international networks to build sustainable partnerships to promote girls’ education


Influence humanitarian actors’ policy and practices


Advocate for the effective implementation of the National Policy on Girls’ Education

Our Key Strategies

  • Coalition Building and Policy Engagement –Partnership development and national advocacy for supportive systems and policies for girls’ education.
  • Research and Policy Review – Policy analysis, power mapping, resource mapping and online data management system that will measure performance and impact
  • Public awareness and civic participation – Print and audiovisual media, information sessions with CBOs, working sessions with local women and girls’ groups, meetings with traditional and religious leaders, platforms for citizens to engage local decisionmakers

The Educate HER Consortium features by GPE Secretariat as a great example of how engaged CSOs can drive positive transformations of the education sector.

The project is guided by following principles:

The Involvement of Women and Girls

We will build the capacity of local women’s groups to serve as local actors. As local actors, they will develop and implement their own action plans.

Their Voices will be Heard

The voices of women and girls will guide the action. The most marginalized women and girls will actively engage and set recommendations before policymakers at the county and national levels.