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Improving the Availability of and Access to Disaggregated Data in Education

This website serves as a public online database for relevant research, policies, local and national trends, and stakeholders in girls’ education. This is a space for stakeholders to access disaggregated data needed to inform school policies and gender-specific programming and accelerate the implementation of the National Policy on Girls Education.

Girls Attendance, Retention and Completion (GARC) MAP

Our Vision:
All girls have access to safe, quality education in Liberia
Our Advocacy Focus:
The Effective Implementation of the National Policy on Girls’ Education (NPGE) by 2026.
The NPGE recognizes the gender disparities in the education sector and the need for the sector to prioritize gender mainstreaming and take affirmative action for girls’ education. The effective and efficient administration of the NPGE will significantly reduce barriers to girls’ education in Liberia.




The Educate HER Coalition is led by three women-led organizations with a strong focus on women’s rights, and women’s transformative leadership. 

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